Beachside LLC (“Beachside”) is a software development, support and private cloud hosting company. We focus on delivering solutions that help our clients gain value and reduce cost and risk in the development, deployment and management of their business applications including:
Our core services are focused on serving organizations that have investments in IBM Notes and Domino (“Notes and Domino”) platform. Beachside is an IBM Business Partner with over 20 yearS of experience with the IBM Notes and Domino platform as both a system for enterprise email as well as an application platform. Our clients include IT departments in government and corporate entities from a variety of industries, including insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and education. We principally market and sell our products and services directly in the United States and Canada.

The Beachside business strategy is implemented with highly skilled employees with unique expertise in the area of IBM Notes and Domino; state-of-the-art cloud hosting facilities and virtualization technology; market awareness and market share amongst organizations that use IBM Notes and Domino; and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions specific to the needs and requirements of organizations which use IBM Notes and Domino.

While our core IBM Notes and Domino focused services remain in use and demand, over the last several years, the market itself has been undergoing a paradigm shift. The portfolio is revealing limitations in terms of scalability, performance, flexibility, cost, user interface and business value. New technologies, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing and the need for Web and Mobile capabilities for business applications, have grown in popularity due to the potential cost savings and operational efficiencies they can offer. As organizations make investments in these new technologies, they are faced with highly complex and costly projects to move, migrate or replace their existing systems that run on IBM Notes and Domino.

To this end, Beachside has expanded our portfolio of services, through experience, internal skill development and partnerships, to acquire expertise in the processes, services and technologies that help organizations reduce the time, cost, resources and risks associated with these highly complex cloud, migration, web enablement or mobile enablement projects. In addition to informal partnerships with market leaders in migration technology we also have strategic partnerships with VMWare and Salesforce.com.

Our deep understanding of the IBM Notes and Domino platform allows us to provide unique insights to help customers with a multitude of strategic options in the marketplace – such as Google, Salesforce.com, Microsoft, HTML, SQL, Oracle, IBM and VMWare – to make fact-based decisions to find and deliver appropriate migration solutions specific to their current business demands.


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