IBM Notes & Domino Migration Services

IBM Notes & Domino Migration Services

Have a corporate directive to eliminate the IBM Notes & Domino platform?

Have business critical apps restricted by capabilities of the IBM Notes & Domino platform?

Need to re-platform a complex IBM Notes & Domino application?

The IBM Notes and Domino portfolio is revealing limitations in terms of scalability, performance, flexibility, cost, user interface and business value. New technologies, especially in the areas of Cloud Computing and the need for Web and Mobile capabilities for business applications, have grown in popularity due to the potential cost savings and operational efficiencies they can offer. As organizations make investments in these new technologies, they are faced with highly complex and costly projects to move, migrate or replace their existing systems that run on IBM Notes and Domino.

Beachside has expertise and experience in the processes, services and technologies that help organizations reduce the time, cost, resources and risks associated with these highly complex projects. Our deep understanding of the IBM Notes and Domino platform, and strategic partnerships within the industry, allows us to provide unique insights to help customers with a multitude of strategic options in the marketplace – such as Google,, Microsoft, MongoDB, SQL, Oracle, IBM and VMWare – to make fact-based decisions to find appropriate solutions specific to their current business demands.

Strategic Re-platforming

Due to the unique nature and size of each IBM Notes and Domino application environment and the large range of potential strategic initiatives, each Beachside service engagement for guiding clients through a replatforming assessment is unique. Beachside experts will use an iterative approach to the migration, beginning with the highest level strategic goals and guiding the decision-making process with fact-based recommendations for a comprehensive strategy which includes retirement, archiving and migration. Our extensive knowledge of available technologies and relationships with key partners ensure the appropriate information at every stage of the process. Let us provide a vendor agnostic approach to your replatforming!

Migration Services

Many organizations have done a lot of the hard work of sorting through their portfolio of IBM Notes and Domino applications, but find themselves with a handful of critical, and often very complex, applications that require replatforming. Beachside experts can provide recommendations of target migration platforms for these applications that consider:
  • Suitability for both short and long term business needs
  • Pure development platforms and/or product platforms with advanced customization capabilities
  • Align with other strategic platforms
  • Minimize unnecessary impact on current business processes
  • Migration strategies that will enable the least interruption in business operation
  • Cost effectiveness of maintaining business operation during migration

With a platform and business impact factors decided, our team will work with the technology stacks your organization has chosen and adopted and will plan, execute, deliver and deploy a single or multi-phase development project to replatform your IBM Notes and Domino application(s).

Our team is highly skilled in many modern client, web-based and mobile technology using backend frameworks such and front end libraries. In addition to our deep development expertise, Beachside will leverage industry best tools and practices to ensure the minimal cost and risk associated with migration to the chosen target platform.

Our team is highly skilled in many modern client, web-based and mobile technology stacks and using many different backend frameworks such and front end libraries.

Archiving & Compliance

Many organizations also need to maintain data, for compliance reasons, that is stored on the IBM Notes and Domino platform but the migration costs are prohibitive. Beachside has Private Cloud Hosting options that can suit this requirement! Migrations

For organizations planning a migration to the please see the Beachside Saleforce Services for how we can help!

Complimentary Beachside Services

Beachside offers additional services that can provide an even greater benefit to your organization when combined with our IBM Notes and Domino Administration Services.


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