Private Cloud Hosting

Need to free up capital expenditures currently used for IBM Notes and Domino?

Need to stop expending internal IT resources on managing IBM Notes and Domino?

Have critical compliance data stored on IBM Notes and Domino?

Hosting allows your business to operate more efficiently with reduced exposure to risks and it allows you to acquire flexible and agile IT resources without capital expenditure. The effectiveness of a hosting solution depends on the hosting provider you work with. Beachside has a unique combination of expertise to offer effective, managed private cloud hosting of IBM Notes and Domino infrastructure to deliver mission-critical, high-availability messaging and/or application solutions.

Beachside is an IBM Business Partner with over 15 years of experience and expertise in both managing IBM Notes and Domino deployments (IBM Notes Domino Administration Services) including Notes, Domino, Sametime and Traveler and has IBM Notes and Domino development experts (IBM Notes Domino Development Services) with certified developers who have been working with IBM Notes and Domino since version 2.

We are a VM Ware partner (Virtualization Services) and our Beachside experts also set up, manage support the hardware and virtualized infrastructure on which your Domino environment depends, such as operating systems, VPNs, backups, redundancies and other features and appliances.

Beachside operates private cloud hosting facilities in two state-of-the-art data centers in North America – SUPERNAP Las Vegas Digital Exchange Campus and the QTS Atlanta Suwanee Data Center – which provide Tier IV Gold uptime-certification, operations, security and maintenance protocols for 100% guaranteed power and cooling uptime and 24/7 on-site NOC, fire safety and security.

Managed IBM Notes and Domino Hosting Services

Beachside specializes in providing highly customizable dedicated, private domain hosting environments for single or multiple Domino messaging and/or application server environments. We use rack-mounted servers with the latest CPU, memory, and disk specifications and provide full infrastructure redundancy and security and constantly evaluate and upgrade our systems as needed.

Uniquely, Beachside offers a true managed services experience, whereby your organization can be completely hands-off of the Domino environment. It is backed by our experienced IBM Notes and Domino service team covering ticket, access and event management.

The specifics of your dedicated environment and services will be planned as a joint initiative with Beachside considering requirements for redundancy and backups through clusters and archiving, business driven SLA’s, access privileges, latency requirements and more. Additionally, you can bring your own IBM Notes and Domino licenses or work with us to bundle licensing costs in your hosting fees.

Compliance Hosting Services

Many organizations also need to maintain data, for compliance reasons, that is stored on the IBM Notes and Domino platform but the migration costs are prohibitive. Beachside can provide a fully managed custom highly reliable and redundant private hosted environment specifically for IBM Notes and Domino data storage and access. The easiest, lowest risk and most cost-effective solution for taking IBM Notes and Domino out of your environment while maintaining all compliance related data!


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